Regina McCarthy – House of Representatives Candidate for Lingiari, NT

Regina McCarthy, the eldest of five girls. was born in Mt Isa, Queensland, from both non-indigenous and indigenous parents. She spent her early childhood years and schooling at Daly River, an Aboriginal Community, approximately 237kms south-west of Darwin.

Later Regina attended boarding school in stages of her high school education. And some of her teenage years were spent at St John’s College in Darwin and Mt St Bernard College in Herberton, Queensland. Regina also began her tertiary education in teaching; however was not able to complete it at that time. “Even though I started studying to be a teacher and have not completed it I am determined to do so as soon as possible,” Regina says.

Ms McCarthy is currently working in the employment service industry and has the opportunity to meet many people of varied backgrounds and nationalities.

Regina has three children, and lives as part of an extended family. She emphasises how much here family has shaped her life and the important part the family plays in a person’s progression in life. ‘My family are very important to me, she reiterates, and have played a major role in my life”.  Regina is involved with St Martin De Porres Catholic Aboriginal Community and has been so for the last 15 years;  she is also an active member on the committee and involved in Youth and Children’s Ministry.

Regina McCarthy joined  Rise Up Australia Party because she believes their policies are underpinned by values that are based on fairness, honesty, and integrity and she advocates that the Party’s policies are tuned to protect, secure and stand resolute for what is right and just in the nation of Australia. She says that in order to achieve this individuals must rise up and make the changes they want to see happen, by joining together to be proactive now and start doing something about it. “I want to be part of that change as it will fortify our future for generations to come, and KEEP AUSTRALIA GREAT,” Regina insists.

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