Reminder for the Victorian State Election

What is Rise Up Australia doing in the Vic Elections

Dear Valued Victorian Members

This is reminder that the Victorian State election is on the 24th November 2018.

Rise Up Australia Party is not running candidates in this state Election. Instead we felt that it was more strategic to help fund and support the campaign against the Safe Schools Program.
Apart from financially supporting and authorizing the campaign material that has been published and is circulating around Victoria, we have helped deliver nearly 500,000 brochures, and put out core flutes and bill boards in Melbourne.

In the electorate of Ripon we have a Rise Up Australia Party person running as a Independent Candidate. His name is Jeff Truscott, who the Australia Country party is supporting.

Therefore it is very important for us to use our vote with care and diligence to support political parties and individuals who uphold our Judeo-Christian heritage and values.

Because Rise Up Australia has been instrumental in getting the word out regarding the “Un” Safe school program, we believe we are working together with other like minded parties to give the public awareness that this program is part of the Victorian School Curriculum. And that is currently funded by the Vic. Labor Govt, of which the Greens have also inferred that they intend to enforce a mandatory roll out of the program in all Independent schools, regardless of their faith position. Rise Up will continue to expose these programs to protect the young children from this radical sensationalist that often leave parents out of any decision making.

Please Note: that if living in the Ripon electorate Please vote for Jeff Truscott! 

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