Rise Up Australia President Daniel Nalliah speaks to media about social media censorship after misdirected racist taunts

Rise Up Australia National President Danny Nalliah speaks to media about social media censorship after misdirected racist taunts

Mr Daniel Nalliah, the National President of Rise Up Australia Party spoke to the media today about misconceived racist taunts against the party on social media sites facebook and twitter.  “Rise Up Australia Party is Australia’s newest political party, registered in February this year.  RUA candidates will be contesting Senate and House of Representative positions at the next Australian Federal election.” Mr Nalliah said today.

“Rise Up Australia Party is a multi-ethnic party.  So many of our membership, our office team and our political candidates come from immigrant backgrounds, just like me.  We have chosen to come to Australia, and to raise our families in Australia because we love the Australian way of life.  We are united in our uniquely Australian heritage and culture” Mr Nalliah said.

“Social media taunts that we are a white supremacist group or that we are racists are ignorant and ill-informed.  You only need look at my picture, and look at the pictures of our members and teams on our promotional materials to see that we are as multi-ethnic as the United Nations.  And we are united in our pride of Australian culture.  Just as all the the delegates to the United Nations are proud of their own unique national cultures and identities.  We are probably the most ethnically balance political party that Australia has ever produced.” Mr Nalliah said.

“Rise Up Australia Party recognises that Australian culture and history is not perfect.  A great deal still has to be done to heal the wrongs done in the past and in the present towards our indigenous communities and other disadvantaged groups in our society.  Every culture has room to improve, room to change and room to evolve.

“Australia has many proud traditions, such as mateship, sacrifice, respect for law and order, equality at law, free speech, religious tolerance and tolerance towards individualism and people ‘being different’.”

“Just as no two individuals are identical, no two parts of our society are exactly the same either.  We are all unique as individuals and in the same way, no two nations have exactly the same culture.  But being Australians, recognising and valuing the things that make us Australian, rather than British or Greek, or Sri Lankan, or wherever any of us originally came from, means that, just like every other national culture, Australian culture has certain recognised core values and traditions and historical events and lessons.  And history shows that except in response to major catastrophes these core values built up over many living generations and lifetimes tend to change more slowly over time.”

“We ask people to understand the difference between Australia being a multi-ethnic nation, united with a common Australian culture, and multiculturalism, which is the opposite of having a unifying national identity and culture.

“As a party, we are opposed to multiculturalism because instead of uniting communities, multiculturalism divides a nation into ethnic groupings. This is counterproductive to a harmonious democratic society.”

Mr Nalliah was responding to racist taunts against the Party on social media sites facebook and twitter, which have seen Rise Up Australia Party’s twitter account @RiseUpAus suspended twice this month.

“We are sure this is just a technical hiccup with the system rather than any sort of deliberate political censorship.  We are talking with twitter to see that this doesn’t happen again”.

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  1. Julie Fogarty
    February 12, 2013 at 5:14 pm ·

    Best of luck at election time. Islamification of Australia needs to stop now.

  2. Admin
    November 26, 2012 at 11:59 am ·

    Praise God,

    What an excellent, excellent media release.

    Deputy Principal

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