Rise Up Australia Party first AGM update

The first AGM of Rise Up Australia Party was held in Melbourne on Saturday the 13 of Oct. The RUA Party National Executive was very encouraged with the number of people who turned up for the meeting. The meeting went very well with RUAP members attending from across the country.

The National President Daniel Nalliah addressed the gathering and challenged the people to rise up to take a stand to protect Australia and ‘Keep it Australian’. He also re-enforced the vision, emphasising that the task ahead of us is very challenging, but by God’s grace and your support Rise Up Australia Party will fight to ‘Keep Australia Australian!’

He spoke very passionately and boldly about the importance of protecting our Judeo-Christian Heritage, and ‘Keeping Australia Australian’ for generations to come, so that our sons & daughters can enjoy the freedoms we have. He also spoke out very strongly against Islamic Sharia Law and Multiculturalism.

His speech was received with much applause and shouts of support by those present.

Following the National President’s speech, the four State Presidents for Vic, WA, Tas & QLD addressed the gathering. They too spoke with great passion and love for Australia, re-enforcing their commitment to ‘Keep Australia Australian!’

All gathered at the AGM were very encouraged and challenged through the passion and conviction demonstrated by the leadership of the party.

(Please note that in the background of President Daniel Nalliah’s photo is a photo of the historic Australian Light Horse victory charge on Beersheeba in World War I in 1917)


Posted on October 16, 2012 in Policies, Rise Up Australia

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