Rise Up Australia Party to contest Mallee

The Wimmera Mail – Times Horsham – By ERIN McFADDEN – April 8, 2013
Wimerra Mail - Times Horsham
THE Rise Up Australia Party will contest the seat of Mallee at the federal election on September 14. Candidate and Mildura resident Tim Middleton will stand against candidates from the Nationals, the Australian Labor Party, the Greens and the Katter’s Australian Party. The Liberal Party has not yet revealed whether it will contest the seat.
Rise Up Australia president Daniel Nalliah is touring Australia ahead of the election and will be in Horsham on April 21.

The patriotic party aims to ‘Keep Australia Australian’ and will field 52 Lower House candidates across the country. Mr Nalliah said the party was interested in coming to the Wimmera because it was a strong agricultural region. “We are very committed to see how we can reduce imports of fruit and vegetables to enhance the market for farmers to sell their own products,” he said. “We want to give farmers a better deal.”

He said one of the party’s flagship policies was to stop the word ‘multi-cultural’. “We prefer multi-ethnic, which means many races, many skin colours, but one culture Australian,” he said. “We think multi-ethnic better represents people who come to Australia and simulate the Australian way of life. “I am an immigrant from Sri Lanka and called Australia home 15 years ago. “It is important for a government to use words that will unite us rather than divide us.”

He said the party’s motto, ‘Keep Australia Australian’ referred to immigrants accepting the Australian culture. He said the party aimed to protect and affirm freedom of speech and religion.

Mr Nalliah said the party was driven by passion and love for the nation and people on the land. “People in parliament now are more interested in their own jobs than serving the country,” he said.

He said party members were encouraged to donate a percentage of their salary to the poor and the needy. “We want to set up caravan parks to home the homeless,” he said. “Parliament at the moment is like a circus performance with everyone at each other’s throats.

“We want to bring back respect and honour, so that future generations will want to get involved in government.”

Mr Nalliah said the party would also support abolition of the carbon tax.

He said he would attend a meeting at Bordertown before travelling to Horsham.

wimerra mail – times horsham

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