RUAP 2016 National Campaign Launch in Melbourne on Mon 13 June

Rise Up Australia Party will be holding their 2016 Campaign Launch, Monday June 13, the Queen’s birthday weekend.

It will be held at the Seasons Botanic Gardens Hotel, located at 348 St Kilda Rd in Melbourne at the city end of the beautiful tree lined St Kilda Road.

The Hotel is situated adjacent to the shrine of Remembrance and Melbourne’s picturesque Royal Botanic Gardens; please join us from 11am – 2pm. Continuous Tea & Coffee, and Morning Tea is provided.

There’ll be new policy releases, and we will speak on; Tax Reform/Economy, Environment, Sharia Law and Marriage.

Posted on June 2, 2016 in Guest Speakers, Policies, Rise Up Australia, Sharia

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  1. Paul
    June 6, 2016 at 10:24 am ·

    I’m glad you find it and by the way I have watch video with your speech it was great. You are absolutely right I would definitely vote for you and your party, as you probably know. I com from Poland and my ancestors were fainting for many centuries Turks and other Muslims to defend Christianity and Europe from this evil until we defeated them in 17 century at Vienna but now they coming back different way and nobody is doing anything to stop them all politicians are afraid to tell the truth to defend our culture and religion. What I’ve heard from you was for the first time someone publicly told the truth. Thanks, Paul

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