RUAP contesting all seats in Tasmania (Plus Interesting Advertisement. Danny Nalliah for PM. Have a good laugh)

Dear Friends,Devonport

1) We are so pleased to bring to your attention that Tasmania is ready for federal elections to Hobart-300x153run candidates in all seats and also Senate seats numbers 1 & 2.

The weekend visit to Tasmania by the RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah was very successful. Many attended the meetings in Devonport, Launceston & Hobart.

Daniel was very successful in appointing candidates for all the lower house seats across the state. And also one of the well-known Doctors in Tasmania will now run as the Senate Candidate with the possibility of a second Senate Candidate.

Picture-020This morning Daniel stated, ” We are very excited to announce that Tasmania is on board. ThePicture-015 weekend was absolutely productive. I was so encouraged to see people so excited about Rise Up Australia Party”.

Vote 1 Rise Up Australia Party and Keep Australia Australian.

 2) A very interesting advertisement was sent to us regarding our next PM. We had a good laugh. Hope you enjoy it. Click the attached link to watch the video.>

 Authorised by Daniel Nalliah 23 Melverton Dr Hallam 3173

Posted on July 5, 2013 in Rise Up Australia

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