RUAP Media coverage / Celebrate 7th anniversary victory for Free Speech at Victorian Parliament steps from 12-1pm Wed 25th June

Free Speech Rally at Victorian Parliament in MelbourneDear friends,

1) Please spread the word and watch Rise Up Australia National President Daniel Nalliah on Channel Nine’s 6pm Evening News tonight Thursday 19th June.

You may click the following link to read an article about RUAP that appeared in today’s Australian.

2) From Daniel – “This Sunday 22nd June 2014 marks 7 years since we won the court battle for free speech with the Islamic Council of Victoria.

It is also a very special day for my family as our little girl Brianna turns 7.

May I say a ‘BIG THANK YOU’ for all your prayers, financial and moral support.

Since I will be speaking in Katherine & Darwin in the Northern Territory this weekend, we have organized a public rally on Wednesday 25th June from 12 to 1pm on the steps of the Victorian State Parliament, in Spring St. Melbourne, to take a stand for Free Speech and to support the removal of Clause 98C in the Anti-discrimination Act in the Federal Parliament.

May I appeal to all who call Australia home. If you really love your country then please take the time to come and join us at this rally to make our voice known and take a stand to Keep Australia Australian.

For those of you who live interstate, please encourage your families & friends in Victoria to come along and to bring Aussie flags. We can make a difference in this generation so that the next generation can continue to enjoy the freedoms we have.

Unfortunately Europe is losing its battle as Multiculturalism is currently destroying the West. This One World government agenda, pushed through the UN is currently de-Christianising the West. The majority are losing their voice and rights because of political correctness.  Minority groups, such as Islam, are on an onward march. We must stop this now and I say now, before it is too late.

If you fear for your life today and don’t stand up, you might not see a tomorrow, as it might be a bit too late. Certainly, let’s not leave the baggage for our children and their children.  If we stand now, we might just win this battle. If we leave it for the next generation, it will be too late.

The Church during Hitler’s time went on mute. The results were the slaughter of millions of innocent people. Will the Church be on mute once again??”

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  1. Bienne
    June 24, 2014 at 2:47 pm ·

    “I’m a fifth generation East African-born Muslim of Indian origin.”

    The author is privileged to live in Australia for a long time and yet so blind to the religious bondage Islam has created for many down through the ages, including for her own family. Had she not been born in Australia but in a Muslim country and all that she said she has enjoyed in Australia would have been denied her. She mostly like would have been married off before she turned 15 and denied opportunities to education and to work and to mingle with other males and foreigners with freedom. If she dared to check out other gods, faiths or religions, she would have been put to death. She may also well have been put through forced marriage and being one of the 4 wives of a Muslim man, at risk of being dumped into bin without any protection and right for justice. She clearly fails very badly to recognize where her freedom comes from, nor does she knows deeply why Australia is so good to her and the underlying spiritual foundations on which Australia is built as a nation, being forbearing and receptive to all nationalities and religious tolerance. In fact her ignorance of the truth of Australia’s success and the blessings Australia has received from on high, together with her lack of understanding of other Australians against Islam is not a unique case; it is very common among Islamic followers.

    Rise up Australia Party will tell you more about the danger and threats of Islam to Australian Way of Life. We need to rise up to protect our freedom and values such as social justice, one husband one wife marriage, equality between man and woman, equal opportunities to have access to education, training, employment and advancement, freedom of speech in truthful manner, freedom of choosing partnership in business, in faith, in marriage and political life etc. from being taken away by Islamic forces of darkness through their conquest progressively all over Australia. We need to nip them in the bud before they become ferocious bush fire burning all over us, our homes, possessions, infrastructure and communities, just as what they have done in Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, some parts of Asia and Europe today. Reports of their crimes against humanity is everywhere.

    Please do not let yourself be deceived by their peaceful appearance; Islamic followers are not peace makers evidenced by their violent acts against women and children, and many nationalities all over the world, especially so in the Middle East and North Africa. Islam never means peace in theory or in practice; they are the most toxic religion on earth. Their god allah is an idol and blinds the eyes of many to religious bondage, plunging many to ruin and destruction.Satan is behind it all.

    If we give them one inch, the next day they will demand a metre; if we give them one metre, the next day they will demand an acre until they subdue Australia by religious violence as we have seen their acts against Christians and many other groups all over the world down through the ages.

    They are infiltrating us by their oppressive culture and evil practices; we must not give in to their demands. We must rise up and resist every move they make in this land. Australia’s success is built upon following the true and living God and the truth written in the Bible. Only the truth can set people free from all kinds of bondage of sin.

    Let us have a petition against them to the full so that they may not be able to rise up against us and our children and many generations to come.

    Their evil acts include: child bride, forced marriage, polygamy, male domination, ghost-like covering from top to bottom, Halel tax, jihad, sharia law, terror-filled violence, blasphemy against the true God and authorities, demonstrating non-compliance with law and order – rapes, people-smuggling and so on, exhibiting war-raging nature, self deception by their religion, refusing assimilation and deceiving others by their hypocrisy.

    Their historical track record of doing evil against humanity is clearly seen from 600AD to today

    Allowing them to build mosques, schools, marketplaces and so on will embolden their attempts to take control of our neighbourhood, our local communities, our cities and eventually the whole countries. We must rise up to resist their evil influence in this land before they come to our doors and destroy us in name of Allah getting rid of all infidels and this is how they justify their violent acts against all those opposing them and exposing their darkness.

    Let us pray that the Almighty God of Yahweh will continue fighting for us against them and all Satanic forces of darkness and help save some. And let all fact-finding Australians seek out the truth and understand the toxic nature of Islam clearly and deeply and how they pollute the mind, the soul and body of many resulting in waging wars everywhere by speech, attitude and action.

    Our goal is to expose their deeds of darkness to all truth-loving Australians so that they could see the dangers and threats of Islam coming against our land clearly and progressively.

    Please also read the author’s article below and spread the word to others.

  2. Bienne
    June 23, 2014 at 1:40 pm ·

    I will support all efforts against Islamic invasion in Australia and all religious bondage ag
    ainst human kind.
    I will be there in Parliament house on Wed and meet with you all.
    Feel free to write to me and confirm with me other initiatives for fighting our freedoms and values, the way of life we enjoy in Christ and in Australia.

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