RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah’s Speech at National Press Club / Live Webcast 7pm on 16/2 as RUAP Party Kicks Off Victorian State Campaign for Fed Election with Lord Monckton

RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah delivering speechDear fellow Australians,

1) You may click the following link to watch RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah’s Speech at the National Press Club.

Please take the time to leave a comment on YouTube.

2) Right here at 7pm (AEDT) this Sat 16th Feb you may watch the live webcast as RUAP Party Kicks Off Victorian State Campaign with Lord Monckton for the Federal Election.

3) At 6pm before the meeting and after, there will be a fundraising sausage sizzle for RUAP.

4) Please continue to pray for Almighty God’s blessings and protection for our nation and for Rise Up Australia to ‘Keep Australian Australian’.

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  1. Tania
    February 21, 2013 at 8:33 am ·

    Good day

    I am interested in the Rise Up Australia Party. In particular I am supportive of your banning of multiculturalism, your support of Mr Geert Wilders and the advice he gives and your wish to limit immigration from Islamic countries and the building of more mosques.

    I have visited your website and read your manifesto and policy principles.

    I live in NSW (Blue Mountains) and would like to know who my political representatives will be.

    There are a few issues in which I am interested and on which I would like to know your party’s position as they have either not been covered in your policy principles or not covered to the extent to which I am interested.

    1) Live animal export. My concerns are not just restricted to the method of slaughter and treatment they receive in the destination countries though these are of a concern to me. Most of the markets are Islamic countries where the regard in which animals are held is much lower than humans, the method of slaughter does not involve pre-stunning (and I don’t care what the World Trade Organisation or whoever it is says what is and what is not OK in this regard). I am also concerned about the abominable methods used to transport these animals and the standards of welfare during the voyage. Ludwig’s live export controls are not working.

    2) Mining You wish to abolish the mining tax and develop more mining in the country. I want to know where you stand on coal seam gas development. Also what controls you would bring in in relation to open cut mining especially in the Hunter region of NSW where the effects on health of local populations is becoming evident and local doctors are speaking out about this. Also, the subject of mining spreads over into another of your policy principles, that of foreign ownership of our businesses. Whatever you think of the Greens (and there is some good and some bad in their policies) it was former leader Bob Brown that drew to everyone’s attention the huge percentage of mining profits that go overseas to foreign ownership. Where do you stand on that?

    3) Agricultural land being sold to overseas interests Currently the reportable value is set so high so that most land sales are not reportable and it is hard to track who is buying our land. But China and one of the middle Eastern countries – Kuwait I believe? are buying up our agricultural land to ensure their own food security into the future. What are you going to do about that?

    4) Abortion What is your position on abortion for health reasons for the mother, abortion in rape cases, and the choice of abortion being given to parents when a serious malformation or medical condition is diagnosed in the foetus? The sweeping statement “make abortion history” is disturbing in that it has not been qualified.

    5) Indigenous Australians There is no mention of your Party’s stance on the Intervention Policy in the Northern Territory nor on how your party proposes to manage the health and education status of indigenous Australians to give them the same life expectancy and life opportunities as white native Australians and migrant Australians currently have. In fact under our current government, asylum seekers seem to be better housed and financed than our Indigenous Australians.

    6) Border Protection How do you propose to “stop the boats”? And how do you propose to deal with the asylum seekers that still manage to slip through – offshore or onshore processing or “send them back” or what?

    7) GM foods Where does your party stand on the issue of genetically manipulated foods, the “ownership” of seeds and so forth, particularly in relation to the rights of organic farmers such as Steve Marsh in WA? Do you support the notion of GM foods, do you support full and proper labelling? Similarly irradiated foods – safety of and labelling what is your party’s position. Are you just going to accept the World Health Organisation’s recommendations without further scrutiny?

    8) Working families I am so sick of this mantra. What about working singles? Last time I looked (about 5 years ago) the single person household comprised about 12% of the household population and was the fastest rising demographic in Australia. Politicians live in the past in some nuclear family utopia. Life is no longer like that, I hope your party realises no matter how much you laud that ideal. As single middle-aged woman I find life has been a struggle, two jobs, hard to find secure employment that isn’t casual and there are no concessions for me or others like me. Many single people I have spoken to feel the same way. Where does your party place its emphasis – on reality and changing social needs or on a utopian ideal of the nuclear family that all sit round the dinner table in the evening and attend church together on Sunday 1950s style? It’s just not like that any more!

    9) The casualisation of the workforce In the last 10-15 years this has been on the increase and last time I checked comprised about 45% of employment. Casual workers are a means to transfer the capital risk from the entrepreneur business to the worker and are not accorded holiday or sick pay. This favours the employer and exploits the worker. I am by no means leftist but this does not seem fair or right to me. Some seasonal jobs merit being casual – extra staff for farm work, hospitality work at Christmas/holiday times but not as a general rule. There should be a review of employment basis and new legislation that prevents the creation of casual jobs that are ongoing.

    10) Preferences To which political parties will you direct your preferences and in what order?

    As far as most of your policies go I would be very happy to support your party at the next election. Labor has nothing for me and the Lib/Nats very little. The Greens I am disappointed at their very left viewpoint on the Islam threat to our way of life, the open door policy to asyljum seekers many of whom are from Islamic countries, and their belief in anthropogenic climate change.

    Thank you and kind regards
    And a special thank you for meeting and supporting Mr Geert Wilders on his visit to Australia.


    • Admin
      March 2, 2013 at 2:15 pm ·

      Hello Tania
      Thank you for your comments above. We have under construction our new FAQS page, which will cover the many questions being asked of us. A number of your questions are covered there. Regards, Admin

  2. Admin
    February 18, 2013 at 2:42 pm ·

    Thank you Trish for your letter of encouragement and inquiry.
    Yes, we are developing tariff policies to save our farming and manufacturing sectors.Very important to us also is Land sovereignty, as well as that of our water,fuels etc.
    Yes it is sad and deplorable that government,for whatever reason, finds ‘Halal-ization’ of no significance. From ‘halal’ vegemite to ‘halal’ housing in Western Sydney, this is clearly beyond a joke(Christians meantime should pronounce’ Hallelujah” over such foods and goods).
    Yes, it is unconscionable that people can mock and denounce, as inferior, our culture yet rort our Centrelink system of benefits or even enjoy our Western(even sometimes Jewish inspired)technologies.
    RUA has already, Trish, publically declared its support of P.M John Howard’s 2001 election platform speech on border protections.
    Finally, RUA will give least preference to ALP and the Greens .Thanks and God bless you.

  3. Jelena
    February 18, 2013 at 11:30 am ·

    BRAVO, Mr Nalliah,

    I hope YOU we’ll have big support from community of my people

    “Novosti” Serbian Newspaper

  4. Eunice
    February 18, 2013 at 11:08 am ·

    I have lived in the Philippines and Thailand and understand what the Muslims are trying to do in the southern parts of those countries. They are trying to get their own Islamic states and want to live under their own laws and rules.

    They are killing everyone that stands in their way. Men, women and children and even babies. In Thailand they are killing all the teachers and burning down the schools to force the kids to attend Islamic schools so they can covert them to Islam. This is already happening in Australia where the Government and other authorities are changing the rules to suit the Muslims.

    Take Dandenong area for example, the kindergartens and pre schools now do not celebrate Christmas, Easter and other world Christian events because all Muslims there would be offended. Therefore the Australian kids are being decimated against in their own country. THIS IS AUSTRALIA; not some other Muslim country.

    FYI and prayers for Australia to be the Great South Land.


  5. Trish
    February 18, 2013 at 10:07 am ·

    Good morning
    I have a few questions I would like to ask, and a few issues I would like your feed back on please.

    I have read the manifesto….and there is good stuff in there…..We need to take back our country….agree

    We need to become “Protectionist”when it comes to protecting all our farmers and land… more selling off big chunks to any one…ever again….then also not allow the big conglomerates to rip the farmers off….eg Woolies and Coles….do a job on them…..and tell us the people we are getting specials….but at what price????? The people on the land will walk off and disappear one day.

    We need to stop this HALAL blessing on our food….that is an affront to every Australian….I don’t want my food blessed that way. THIS DOES MATTER

    I too have studied the Quran…and whilst I would not claim to know Surah and Hadith off by heart, I have an overview….and agree God loves the people but their Religion is Law and Culture…and is so against Democracy.

    We need to stop further Mosques and Madrassers being built and funded here……We can see the mess England is in…with all the petro dollars pouring into the education facilities there…….this is urgent.

    We need to know that the Defence Force of this nation is supported.
    We need to know Veterans are supported.
    We need to know our Government will NOT WATER DOWN ANZAC DAY…..good blood was spilt to keep this land Free.
    We need to know that the nation will be called to prayer and fasting for the nation
    WE need to hear our land being blessed
    WE NEED THE PEOPLE to REVITALISE THEMSELVES WITH SOME PRIDE IN OUR COUNTRY….ITS CALLED PATRIOTISM…..Rise up and encourage people to be Australian….encourage true mateship, Values, Morals and Manners….that’s what’s missing from society.

    So many of us Ex Service men and women are disillusioned as are pensioners…..Pensions aren’t an entitlement….they were a guarantee in our time ……We did the hard yards…..brought a block of land built a house…..had kids…..worked hard….No handouts ….no assistance for the better part….no Government help like now……no housing grants….no paid maternity leave…..BUT we managed…it was our responsibility.

    There is no leadership in this nation….and there is a lot of us out here….Ex Service people…pensioners…We are the swinging majority….and we can make a difference…..if we are given HOPE.

    Also this endless waste of Centrelink money…..we the people are not a bottomless pit for those who don’t work to get money.
    What would happen if every worker in every industry stood down for one day……or one week…in protest……they would be abused and accused…for their behaviour ……but many take their taxes for years and years… that fair and equitable?

    Many muslims don’t work…..they have several wives and huge families???? that’s big dollars every fortnight……some one has to pay…..People with tattoos and pins through any and everything…don’t work, People with shaved heads or coloured hair don’t work. People with degrees cant get work.

    There is allot of voluntary work and community work to be done….why cant these people work even 20 hours a week to receive the dole…so the working community is not continually ripped off.

    Whilst I applaud your commitment to standing up and being “out there in your opinions” There are so many people who are copping it sweet now…that will vote for Labour if they throw enough money around.

    If Tony Abbot gets in as PM…will you and your people support him against Labour.

    Close the borders…these people leaving Indonesia are not refugees… they have already got to a safe haven…..they choose and have the money to pay to come to Australia….and then they dictate the rules to us???? And we pay a huge amount of money when we have our own homeless….people who cant afford Drs or Hospitals or medications…..that have to go without…..That’s not fair. What happened to look after your own first…..

    Will you support a stop to these huge payments to overseas countries all of whom look like they are muslim countries…..and start looking after us the people.

    Will you support Liberals border protection plan…..and openly say that?…Can you work together….on this type of issue.

    Will you direct preferences to LIBERALS and put Labour at the bottom preference.

    I know this is long….hope someone will take the time to answer.

    Please respect my questions and my privacy……I am sent all your updates and press releases from a Pastor here in QLD.

    WE the people have to make some serious choices and we need information.

    God Bless Australia

    Thank you
    (Mrs) Trish

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