Say No to Carbon Tax – Lord Monckton reveals the truth on Global Warming Myth

Lord Monckton speaking to many RUA Party supporters at CTFM in MelbourneLord Monckton, Daniel Naillah, Wife Maryse and some of the RUA Party Executive

Dear Friends,

Lord Monckton, one of the world’s leading climate change sceptics, addressed a gathering of around 200 people at a public meeting hosted by Rise Up Australia Party – ‘Keep Australia Australian’ in Victoria yesterday Monday the 25th of July at 7pm

Many travelled a long way to get to the meeting, as many people are desperate to know the truth about Global Warming, and in particular how the carbon tax will affect Australians. Following is the link to a very good newspaper article from the Greater Dandenong Weekly about his visit.

Climate change sceptic heads to Hallam

Daniel Nalliah also did an interview with ABC national radio on the religious program on Sunday night around 10.30pm. Although the interviewer had invited him to speak on the Carbon Tax.

Click Here to listen to the 10 minute segment with Daniel.

Lord Monckton in his 1 ½ hour speech exposed the number of false data the government officials have used to hype the climate change debate in order to bring in the carbon tax. He also stressed on the point that Prime Minister Julia Gillard lied to the people. Before the last federal election she promised that there will be no Carbon Tax, but after she won the election she went back on her word.

His speech was very challenging and extremely informative. People were just absolutely shocked to know how the government has used false data in order to promote the Carbon Tax. He repeatedly stated “CO2 has helped the planet to become greener rather than destroy it.”

He asked the question, “Why should Australia make her people pay so much and be out of pocket when Australia’s pollution rate is very minimal? Meanwhile the main producers of CO2 such as China, India, USA, and others are not doing anything about it.”

In his speech he mentioned that the United Nations is suddenly trying to save mankind, when a carpenter’s son named Jesus saved mankind 2000 years ago and restored the nations back to God. He also very clearly and boldly stated that he was a Christian and used quotes from the Bible on several occasions.

When in question time someone asked him, “Sir, are you a Christian?” He responded, “Yes, I am a Christian and was born again when I was very young. So don’t waste your time, you must get born again soon. I am sure Pr Danny can help you.” He also stated, “

We must speak the truth and not be worried about fighting the lie with the truth, as the truth will always prevail.”

He asked the people, “Do you know the meaning of the scripture, ‘The gates of hell shall not prevail’. He then said, “the gates don’t come to fight you, this means you must go to the gates to fight and get back what you have lost.”

Daniel Naillah stated, “At times Lord Monckton sounded like a Pastor on fire for Jesus. Certainly this man is a gift from God for an hour such as this to expose the enemy’s lie and bring to account those who are trying to sign away our sovereign rights as a country into the hands of the UN and a One World Government agenda.”

Daniel Naillah stated, “The Word of God says, ‘For a lack of knowledge my people perish and that the truth will set you free.’ This is so very important that we stand up now and fight for our nation, so that we can protect Australia and keep it Australian for our children and grandchildren!”

Your best alternative in the next federal election is Rise Up Australia Party to Keep Australia Australian.

If you have not yet sent in your membership form, please do send it in ASAP. You can print out from the Party website by clicking here

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  1. Philip Bruce Heywood
    June 15, 2012 at 6:54 pm ·

    Hmm. How many s’s in ‘discussion’? I can’t find a dictionary that agrees with you. My spelling always was sus.: hence my need for dictionaries.
    Well, I trust Admin. is no longer stating that RUA is not a christian Party. Ruthless people can hang a Party for statements that appear contradictory. Is it in reality a Party for all those who are idealogically aligned with our constitutional and founding principles — especially as they align with the teachings of Jesus Christ?

    You aren’t swamped with talkback on climate, but you do better than I do at my site. I was only given to solve the climate moderation question, not discuss it. The climate is moderated by ‘talkback’ — Earth’s magnetic field — solar magnetic field. Like a father and son, walking down the road of geologic history, hand in hand. The father senses the son’s need and acts accordingly. It’s touching. It’s in the Bible — like almost everything else. The science has come in, but God is somewhat ahead of the pack. The science pack is still trying to get Darwinism out of its head, and trips whenever reason and rationality is expected of it!

    Julia and Bob are/were supposed to be half communist or something such and this quote from THE SCEPTICS DICTIONARY (available on-line) regarding Lysenko, the stalinist sycophant agriculture scientist indirectly responsible for mass death, might help explain how science can get to be unscientific. Witness: Carbon Tax, the ongoing but non-amusing joke.

    Lysenko rose to dominance at a 1948 conference in Russia where he delivered a passionate address denouncing Mendelian thought as “reactionary and decadent” and declared such thinkers to be “enemies of the Soviet people” (Gardner 1957). He also announced that his speech had been approved by the Central Committee of the Communist Party. Scientists either groveled, writing public letters confessing the errors of their way and the righteousness of the wisdom of the Party, or they were dismissed. Some were sent to labor camps. Some were never heard from again.

    Under Lysenko’s guidance, science was guided not by the most likely theories, backed by appropriately controlled experiments, but by the desired ideology. Science was practiced in the service of the State, or more precisely, in the service of ideology. The results were predictable: the steady deterioration of Soviet biology.

  2. Gary
    August 4, 2011 at 4:15 am ·

    What a great night

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