Say NO to Same Sex Marriage

Rise up Australia Party has joined the NO campaign against Same Sex Marriage and takes up the banner to STAND FOR Traditional Marriage.

At present we still live in a free society and Australians are permitted to express their views and live the way they please as long as it is within Australian Law.

No one is trying to stop Same Sex relationships, such couples are free to live together and are even able to register their relationship on a Domestic Relationships Register; the registers vary from state to state. Below is Victoria’s

So what is this impulsion to call a relationship that has never been identified as Marriage in the history of mankind now Marriage when it clearly is not.

It is a bit like someone deciding to call a Doctor a Nurse, they may be similar but each are characteristically different and have dissimilar functions in our society. It would be quite dangerous to mix up the two, and there is no doubt that patients would be at risk if a Nurse was to call her/himself a Doctor just because he/she wanted to.

Marriage is between a man and a woman who come together and makes a solemn commitment before God and or the State. It becomes a legal agreement in which these two people commit to each other for life, through thick and thin, rich and poor, sad and happy times. This union has been the basis of the family unit, the procreation of mankind and the foundations of our social order as we know it today. It would be very dicey for the common good of the nation to change it. And right now our society is at risk.

Approximately one percent of couples* say they are in a same sex relationship and it is even less than this that want to get married, the reason being that many of these couple will not, and don’t want to have a commitment to each other for a long length of time. Homosexual couples are promiscuous by their own admission and the average homosexual can have hundreds of partners over their lifetime, which is shorter than the average heterosexual.

The irony is, that it is not predominantly the Gay community or even the less than 1%, that are pushing for Same Sex marriage, but rather, the ‘Do Gooders’, the Lefties, the God Haters and those that are just anti the establishment who are shouting the loudest!

Why in Heaven’s name then, for less than one percent of our population would we want to change something that has been the fundamentals of our society, that has worked well for thousands of years and given us the stability that keeps our nation together???


*W A, S A, and the N T do not have Registers, SS couples would have to go to another state to register

*2011 Australian Census Written by Yvonne Gentle

Posted on August 22, 2017 in Rise Up Australia

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