Sharia Law is in Australia – without a doubt!

If you think it is not happening here, take a look at this video link and think again!

Then we should seriously consider asking ourselves a few questions.

Who makes the laws in this nation?

Should any community be exempt from Australian law if they live in Australia?

Is all Australia a democracy, or just the areas where Islam is not in control?

And how long will it take before Islam controls the whole nation?

To view video go to website:

Lakemba in the 1970’s

Lakemba today

A RADICAL religious group … [Dec 2016] held a rally in Lakemba, where it called on hundreds of supporters to push for global Islamic Rule.



Does anybody seriously think that this is it, that Islam will not keep on going until they get what they came here for?    And what was that you ask…?       Global Islamic Rule!!!  

For up to date info on what is happening around the world, check this link provided below.

Jihad Report 
Jul 21, 2018 –
Jul 27, 2018
Attacks 43
Killed 496
 Injured 523
Suicide Blasts 12
Countries 13

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