Sharon Budde

Sharon Budde – House of Representatives Candidate for Bendigo, VIC.

Sharon the eldest of four children; was born into a working class family in the small country town of Beulah, in Victoria. Her father was the slaughter man at the local butcher shop, and her mother worked in the hospital helping to prepare and personally delivered patients’ meals.

Sharon, who loved her school years growing up in the country, excelled in sport, especially tennis. During those years she developed a love of writing through her interest in reading and research.

Sharon’s family moved to Horsham when she was fifteen, and it was here that she began searching for a deeper meaning to life. As a consequence to this she enrolled at the ‘Bible College of South Australia,’ where she studied theology for three years.
On completion of her studies she was drawn to the bright lights of Melbourne city before heading to Brisbane, where she completed three years of General Nursing. After graduating, she returned to her beloved Melbourne and worked as a registered nurse for fourteen years. The next fifteen years saw Sharon taking on a role as a caretaker, a very satisfying position at the “Church Missionary Society” in Parkville. Sharons’ duties involved, but were not limited to, assisting students in practical ways.This was a rewarding role as students were being trained in inter cultural studies to work overseas in various cross-cultural settings. she also was involved with helping students who were studying ‘English as a second language’ in the city centre.

During these years Sharon became interested in politics and attended rallies to take a stand for what she believed in. After a trip to Israel in 2017 to commemorate the victory of the Australian Light Horsemen at Beersheba, Sharon moved to Castlemaine where she has reconnected with country life. Currently she works in a voluntary capacity helping out with the ‘school breakfast program’ and looking after children in foster care.

Sharon Budde decided to stand as a candidate for the Rise Up Australia Party because she believes that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. She says, “if we do not stand up for the liberties that made Australia great, they will continue to erode. The flame of liberty grows dim when truth is silenced in the market place.”

Sharon states that, Judaeo Christian values have been the cornerstone and foundation of our western freedoms and democratic way of life. She is passionate to protect unique Australian values; freedom of speech, freedom of thought and conscience. And she will fight to preserve our rights to express and practice them without fear or

Sharon’s desire is to ‘Keep Australia Great’ for our children and future generations. VOTE 1 Rise Up Australia Party; Sharon Budde for Bendigo.

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