Successful Canberra & Seaford Campaign Meetings / Radio links

RUAP NP Daniel Nalliah speaking at Canberra meetingDear friends,RUAP ACT #1 Senate Candidate Irwin Ross speaking

1) RUAP National President Daniel Nalliah, along with his family had to attend a family wedding in Sri Lanka (his country of birth) last Saturday.

Due to RUAP Campaign commitments, he returned to Australia after three days, whilst his family continues to enjoy a few extra days in Sri Lanka.

After arriving in Melbourne on Wednesday, he flew immediately to Canberra to speak at a Campaign meeting that evening.

On Thursday, he returned to Melbourne to speak at another Campaign meeting in Seaford, where the Candidates for Dunkley and Isaacs were introduced.

We would greatly appreciate your support during this time as he continues to manage a demanding and hectic schedule.

Today, Friday the 12th of July, he has departed to Albany and Perth, WA to speak at several RUAP Campaign meetings tonight and throughout the weekend.

President Daniel Nalliah Introducing Irwin Ross the Senate Candidate for ACTBoth Campaign meetings in Canberra and Melbourne were very successful, with many attending the meetings and several of them hearing about Rise Up Australia Party for the first time.RUAP MC Gary Hannie leading Australia's National Anthem at Seaford meeting

Mr Nalliah shared the vision of Rise Up Australia Party to Keep Australia Australian for generations to come.  People were greatly impacted and challenged resulting in many of them responding by taking up membership with the Party and voluntarily putting their hands up to help assist in getting the Party more exposure.

In Canberra, Daniel also introduced our Lead Senate Candidate for ACT Mr Irwin Ross.

We as a team were greatly encouraged by the media coverage that we received, particularly on radio before and after the event.

2) You may click the following links to listen to two recent radio interviews with two stations in Canberra.

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Posted on July 12, 2013 in Rise Up Australia

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