Sunday Herald Sun and 2GB Sydney Radio Interview with RUA Party President Daniel Nalliah on School Discipline Policy

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Click the following link to read an article from the Sunday Herald Sun with Party President Daniel Nalliah regarding RUA Party School Discipline Policy.


Click the following link to listen to his recent interview with 2GB Sydney talk back radio regarding RUA Party School Discipline Policy.

Posted on April 19, 2012 in Interview / Media, Rise Up Australia

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  1. Philip Bruce Heywood
    June 15, 2012 at 8:57 pm ·

    The so-called researchers who say they have evidence regarding disciplinary measures. What a standing joke! Like true disciples of scientific research, they line up children, smack half, then ask the half they smacked whether they feel good and ask the other half whether they feel good? Record the results?

    The results are coming in — the destruction of society and of the future. But if the devil passes a law, why do people follow it? The enemy’s laws are only made for breaking. But here is the catch — as the Scriptures imply, a people too weak to even correct their children (in natural filial affection) will prove unable to raise their children to become stable, secure adults. Why would any parent pay the slightest heed to these bogus researchers and these anti-law laws?

    Meanwhile, the real cause of increased child abuse — parental difficulties, drug abuse, marriage breakdown, poor supervision of children, and bullying (amongst children) — proceed apace.

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