Take a stand for our diggers on ANZAC DAY at the steps of Vic Parliament in Melbourne

Lost Diggers

Lost Diggers


Talk about political correctness gone mad, and a classic example of it is the recent survey done by the Federal government which spent  $ 370,000 to find out whether the centenary ANZAC Day celebrations would provoke our so called “multicultural community” in Australia. Come on now, give me a break, is this for real?? Yes it is.




The report stated,  that there was risks in honouring our fallen soldiers, as reported in the Herald Sun news paper on 26th March 2012. As an immigrant to Australia, I cannot believe that the government actually did such a survey, rather than using that money to further promote and Salute our fallen diggers on ANZAC Day.

When a government decides to sell its own birth-right and dishonour its own soldiers who have laid their life’s down to protect our nation, all for the cause of protecting multiculturalism and being politically correct. You know for sure that such a government will destroy our country and its Judeo-Christian heritage.

As President of Rise Up Australia Party to Keep Australia Australian, I wish to encourage all who call Australia home to join us at the Parliament steps in the city of Melbourne on ANZAC Day 25th April 2012  from 2pm to 3pm, to show our love and support to our fallen diggers, war veterans, our serviceman & women who are currently serving in Australia and overseas.

It is time now to take a stand against multiculturalism and call on all immigrants to assimilate into our way of life. We can be multi-ethnic but not multicultural, since you cannot change your country of birth. We have got to take a stand against this politically correct madness, which is destroying our nation and the west.

Please bring your Australian flags with you.  You are most welcome to bring boards and placards with the following slogans.

We honour our Diggers/ we salute the men and women in uniform/ We thank our soldiers/ Rise Up Australia Party – Keep Australia Australian/ No to Multiculturalism/ Many Races – One Culture/ Protect Australia for our Children/ Stand today or lose your freedom tomorrow/ Freedom of Speech.

PLEASE NOTE – If you are a war veteran or if you know someone who is, can you please make contact with our Party office on 9708 6691, or email us back with your contact details ASAP.  We would love to hear your story and possibly have you share a few words on ANZAC Day.

Looking forward to seeing you there. We would greatly appreciate if you could kindly pass this email to everyone you know. And personally encourage your friends, church members and family members to come along with you and take a stand for our diggers and keep Australia Australian.

Sir Edmund Burke stated, “All that is necessary for the triumph of  evil is that good men do nothing”.


Daniel Nalliah


Rise Up Australia Party – Keep Australia Australian

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