Terror Attack in Melbourne – Friday Nov 8th

Muslim ‘mental case’, as he is being labelled, Hassan Khalif Shire Ali, is not a Terrorist, rather according to his family, he was a disturbed individual who believed he was being chased by unseen people with spears. Really?
How many times have we heard this excuse when a Muslim commits an act of Terror. There are multiple acts of Terror committed by Muslims every day around the world, (check out this Website: http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/attacks/attacks.aspx) Do we call all these acts of terror mental cases, people who are off their head. delusional, etc.?

If we believe they are and considering it has been estimated that the percentage of Muslims that practice Terror is around 10%, this means there are millions of delusional Muslims in the world and at least 100,000 in Australia. That is a scary thought. One hundred thousand delusional, unbalanced, radical Muslims.
The facts are that Shire Ali has been under ASIO surveillance’s for some time, having had his passport cancelled in 2015 over his radical ideology.
I think it would be more respectful at least to the Muslim community to say it as it is. Followers of Islam like Ali are intelligent, radical. fundamentalist Muslims. They know what they are doing and because of the teachings of the Quran, believe their religion is superior and that the whole world should be under Islamic control. (After Ali was giving praise to Allah as he lunged forth to kill on Friday). Ask any truthful, fundamental Muslim and he will tell you that is correct. Other than this you can do your own research. What is wrong with our Authorities? Can’t we hear what Muslims are saying? Can’t we read their actions? Are we unaware of what is happening around the world?WE have already been too generous to the Islamic communities:
Is there any religious freedom in Muslim countries? When have Christians or Jews been permitted to pray in the streets and declare their faith in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Syria to name a few Muslim nations. Countries like France and England were once traditionally Christian countries. Now they are on constant alert and watchful of Islamic outbursts to the extent where nationals are not free to walk the streets in some parts of their own country, for fear their presence there will cause anarchy. Islam has not been given permission to take over suburbs and cities in host countries that have allowed them in as immigrants. Yet they take the initiative, and the authorities are too afraid of being labelled as politically incorrect to act to stop it. You think, “this is not happening in ‘good old Aussie land”! Try walking down the streets of Lakemba in Sydney holding an Australian flag, or as an unaccompanied non-Muslim female dressed in sleeveless attire’ and/or shorts and T-shirt. You may very well find yourself arrested for inciting to disturb the peace. Muslims consider Lakemba to now belong to them, having set up Sharia law courts, mosques, schools and shops. In general, they have taken over and white and non-Muslim Australians are not free to walk the streets as traditional Australians. This is happening more and more in Australia as the Muslim population grows and Muslims are permitted to have their ‘4 wives and 12 children families’, many of them supported by Centrelink. Traditional Australians have one wife (according to our law) and around 2 children.

It does not take a mathematician to work out that unless we take action now to control the Islamisation of this country, we will be a Muslim country also in the not too distant future. Say goodbye to your freedoms, as there are few under Islam, especially if you are female, Gay or non-Muslim.


Rise up Australia Party calls for:

*An end to immigration, (except for immediate family members) of all persons of Islamic Ideology for the next ten years.
*An end to all illegal immigrants.
*An end to Sharia law being practiced in any form in Australia.
*An end to Centrelink payments to families who have more than one wife or concubine/mistress as part of the family unit.
*People who try to cheat the system and/or do not observe these requirements, should be deported or face jail sentences.

We need to radically change what we are doing, before we are radically changed against our wills.
We need to realize the truth and stop burying our heads in the sand. We all know what happened to the Ostrich!

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