The UK rates equal 6 in the World Human Freedom Rank – Really? Pity the rest of us then!

On the 26th of May 2018 a great miscarriage of justice occurred in Britain. Will the British judiciary system ever be exerting true justice again is my question? We along with many people around the world were horrified to hear that Tommy Robinson, fondly called by his supporters, ‘The last lion of the United Kingdom’, was imprisoned for 13 months on the charge of Contempt of Court, for bridging a Report Restriction – a civil offence; not even a criminal act. A civil offence is almost never subject to prison sentences and if so, at no time longer than a few days. This is of course the official charge for sentencing, which was without any proper representation (he was refused his own solicitors to be present) whereby he was arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced, all in a less than a five hour period.

But we don’t buy this! What was the real reason?
What Tommy was actually doing when he was first arrested under the guise of ‘Disturbing the Peace’, was talking about Muslim, Pakistani, rape gangs on a live stream, outside a UK court after their trial had finished.

The whole procedure from the time Tommy was hauled into the police divvy van in front of the court until his final release stinks to ‘High Heaven’. As outlined on this video link below, you will see that according to his testimony:
➢ Due process was not observed.
➢ His solicitors were misled – were not informed of what his real charges were – ie. Contempt of Court.
➢ His lawyers were not permitted to be present when he was sentenced.
➢ He was denied the right to speak for himself.
➢ The Judge asked him no questions.
➢ Tommy repeatedly asked to have his lawyers.
➢ He was not told what his offence was.

Tommy Robinson stated that the Judge didn’t specify exactly what he was being sentenced for, but apparently it was for breaching the Report Restriction. However, the only thing that Tommy could see for the reason he was being sentenced (from the Judge’s words) was for the fact that he mentioned the gangs were Muslims, and thus, there was a risk that Tommy would be prejudicing the trial. Hey!! Wait a minute, the trial was over at the time the alleged offence occurred outside the court. And anyway, isn’t exposing rape gangs in the public interest?

Tommy said, two weeks after he was imprisoned the Telegraph Newspaper breached their Report Restriction and with no
or little consequences, yet Mr Robinson was still being denied visits from his family and solicitors. Now by law if you are in custody for a civil matter (which he was) you are entitled to have visits every day, 50 pounds Stirling a week to spend and even home visits on the weekend. But for Tommy Robinson and his crime of identifying gang rapists as being Muslim, the UK government allowed this miscarriage of justice to continue. After nearly 3 weeks his family and solicitors were finally allowed a visit. Then Tommy was shifted from HMP, the Hull prison where the Muslim prison population was only 7.4% to Olney Prison with a 30.4% Muslim population.

In a 30% Muslim prison where the prisoners are doing time for real crime, Tommy was not going to be popular, which meant he had to be kept isolated for his own safety. Even so his food was under threat of being sabotaged, ie. Possible poisoning or drugged. He was constantly jeered, verbally abused, and had death threats to him and his family. When he did finally retaliate, yelling out in his desperation, “Islam is a cancer and I am the answer” he was reported, and a further charge was made against him. Yet the abusers who provoked him to anger suffer no penalty for their abuse. In the Olney Prison Tommy was not permitted to have a TV; he could not make comments for fear of further arrests; he wrote letters to his family, yet the prison did not send them; at one point the prison officials led him to believe that his family members could be attacked with acid or raped, and they were given instructions that if they were, they could do little to defend themselves; he was given no medical checks or attention. All in all, Tommy was treated in the opposite manner to what the Prison rules stipulated.

Remember he is only in confinement for a civil matter.
Tommy’s great concern while he was in prison was that one day he would be killed and if this was his fate that it would not bring about change; that his efforts to make people aware would all be for naught leaving his family to pay the price. On the 31st of July Tommy Robinson was released from HMP Olney prison after winning an appeal over his 13-month prison sentence. And Surprise! Surprise! His bail conditions include a ban from using the internet. So, one can’t help but wonder, what was locking Tommy Robinson up really all about? The answer must be: to shut him up and take away his right to free speech; putting him in a jail where it is 30% Muslim, so he can’t talk, and he can’t have any influence on anyone. It seems this is what British justice has become. This is the hold that Islam has taken over this once fearless kingdom. Tommy says, “Free speech has been curtailed across this country – England is more in danger now than they have ever been”. Tommy believes the Government has been covering up for years now – the abuses that has been happening to our young people and children. (by gangs- implied)

Tommy Robinson march: Far-right protesters demand EDL founder release

Tommy Robinson is not out of the woods yet, there is a retrial scheduled for the 27th of September, where he will be tried again for the contempt of court charges. Interesting terminology as it seems he never had a proper trial in the first place. Tommy fears that there is no guarantee that he will be free after this trial and he is preparing himself to go into prison again. He says he is prepared for the fact that he may be killed because he thinks that this is what it will take to get the changes that are needed and to bring a greater awareness to the nation.




The good side of this … Yes! there is a good side. Tommy Robinson has been through a lot this year, and the amazing public support he has received where tens of thousands have marched in his defence has been of great encouragement to him.

Rise Up Australia party is very concerned to see the way the English Judicial System is breaking down. People are no longer treated equal. The system has become compromising, politically correct; does not hold to its own legal protocol and has become unjust in its delivery of justice. Our concern is, ….. will it only be a matter of time before we too are subject to such injustices in this country? The only way to keep our system Just, is for us to stand up for Justice and keep standing.

In 2002 our National President Daniel Nalliah was taken to court by the Islamic Council of Victoria for vilification of the Islamic faith. His crime was reading verses from the Koran at a Christian meeting. Three Muslim spies in the meeting took offence and the result was a 5- and 1/2-year court battle that cost him $600,000, death, bomb and kidnaping threats and possibly imprisonment, before he was vindicated in 2007. And what was the offence? Apparently, ’the Islamic powers that be’, thought that to read from the Koran was delivering a ‘Hate Speech’ if the listeners were non-Muslim. Stop a minute here! Isn’t this double standards? If reading out of the Koran in a Christian meeting is inciting hatred then we can be assured that Muslims would also incite hatred when reading from it in their mosques; hatred of Non-Muslims, that is. If the Koran incites hatred, then the Koran should be banned in Australia.
Because Rise up Australia Party president, Daniel Nalliah, stood up against injustice, the vilification laws were changed. Australia now has a level of free speech which we once had lost to TOLERANCE, retuned back to the Nation.
To Stand for Australian values vote 1 RISE UP AUSTRALIA PARTY.

For the full story on how the battle for free speech was won, check the link below.

Danny Nalliah—Battler for Free Speech Victory & Court Case against Islamic Council of Victoria

Below is a link to an exclusive interview Ezra Levant had with Tommy Robinson. In this interview Tommy exposes what goes on inside the prison system of the UK.

Written by Yvonne Gentle Rise up Australia Party.

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