Very successful RUAP campaign launch in Victoria / Media coverage / Lord Monckton & Daniel Nalliah’s remaining speaking itinerary in Victoria through Sunday 21st September

Dear friends,

A big thank you to all who travelled from wide and far yesterday to join us at the St Kilda Town Hall in Melbourne for the Rise Up Australia Party launch in preparation for the Victorian State Election on the 29thof November 2014.

The Aussie flag waving cheerful crowd sang the Australia National Anthem and the RUA Party song with great excitement and passion.

Around 100 faithful supporters, many wearing their RUA Party T-Shirts, clapped and cheered as the speakers Daniel Nalliah and Christopher Monckton delivered their speeches.

This event was covered by several media outlets with the links to their articles below.

Click the following link to watch a short video clip of the launch. Short Video Clip of RUAP Victorian Launch

Rise Up Australia Party’s clear mandate is for future generations of Victorians [& Australians] to be given “A FAIR GO”!

Rise Up for a secure Victoria.

Rise Up Australia Party and Keep Australia Australian!

Luv Ya!

You may click the following link for Lord Monckton & Daniel Nalliah’s remaining speaking itinerary with RUAP in Victoria through Sunday 21st September.

Upcoming Rise up Australia Party Meetings with Lord Monckton

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