What has happened to Pauline Hanson?

What are you on about Pauline?

You were once a household name in our home, we admired you for your Aussie stand, for your tenacity, your foresight and your great love of Australia and Australians. You believed, that no matter what your social standing you could be a mouthpiece to the nation,as one sharing their values and passions about this great nation of ours. But sadly, it seems you have lost the plot!  I’m not going to blame anyone else’s influence, pressure or the likes, you are the Leader of a party that has clearly spread an anti Multiculturalism platform, and it seems now you have been deceived and have entered into ‘Muslim La La Land.’ You are the one that can make or break your party and the people that have believed in you because of your stand.

There may be nonviolent Muslims, Moderate Muslims, lovely, caring, family orientated, and husbands who value their wives, … but there is no such Muslim as a non-practicing one. If there is anyone who thinks there is, go out and buy the book, ‘Not without my daughter.’* The only Muslims that are non-practicing are those that have left the Regime. If you still call yourself a Muslim, you still practice and believe in the Islamic system to some extent.

Islam is not just about who you worship as God! It is about: Culture; Religion; Law; belief in the Quran; Supremacy; infiltration; taking control and The Brotherhood.

Just because you throw some of these ‘apples out of the basket’ does not mean you have dropped the basket. You will see that from this true story*[link supplied below] that a Muslim can resume his/her true identity at any time when you least expect it.

The question we need to ask ourselves is do we need any more, if any Muslims in our government as their belief system is contradictory to our Australian fundamental way of life. Australians other than Muslims, of all ethnic backgrounds either identify firstly as being Australian or of being from their home land; however, people of the Islamic persuasion always identify first as being Muslim and it is secondary what their nationality is.

Are we starting to see the difference?? This spells DANGER for any government or Western Society.


Rise Up Australia Party Believes:

> In one’s right to Freedom of Speech, and a democratic and accountable government. Muslims don’t!

> We acknowledge freedom of religion, provided the religion is tolerant of other religions. Muslims don’t!

> Dual legal systems operating simultaneously is a conflict of interest; And all people within the nation must respect Australian culture and comply with Australian laws. Muslims don’t!

> In promoting a society of harmony, freedom and acceptance of one another. Muslims don’t!

> In Judeo-Christian values, celebrating Christmas, Easter, Anzac, Australia day, Queens Birthday, etc.  Muslims not only don’t, they have tried to interfere with the way these celebrations are practiced.


Rise Up Australia Party’s policy is: that people wanting to immigrate to Australia will integrate into our legal systems and cultures or will be sent back to where they came from. This view is out of a genuine concern that those who do not integrate (mostly Muslims) will not act in our national interests.


Written by Yvonne Gentle

Rise Up Australia party – National Secretary


*Not Without My Daughter   http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/not_without_my_daughter

This is a story/docu-drama based on true events, that took place when an American housewife happily married to her Iranian husband for 10 years, finds her life turned upside down when a holiday to Tehran turns into virtual imprisonment for her and her daughter…  In August 1984, housewife Betty Mahmoody accompanied her husband to his native Iran for a two-week holiday. To her horror, she found herself and her four-year-old daughter, virtually prisoners of a man rededicated to his Shiite Moslem faith, in a land where women are near-slaves and Americans were despised.  [Click the link above to find out more]



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