Where is the trust? Has Australia Lost Hope?

It is known around the world that Australia has had many (seven) Prime Ministers in the past ten years. That is incredible since one ministerial term is three years.  Logically, one would assume that for the Australian public to have had seven prime ministers, there would have been seven elections spanned over a time period of twenty-one years. Sadly in Australia, the land we love , this is not the case.  On the 20th of August 2018 we woke up to yet another leadership challenge, this time by Peter Dutton, Minister for Immigration. The P.M. survived it but not for long as the determined aggressive Dutton surged on. Turnbull seeing the writing on the wall had discussion with Treasurer Scott Morrison who then also threw his ‘hat in the ring’ along with Julie Bishop, the Deputy leader of the Liberal Government.  The scene from there on took a bit of an ugly turn with the wounded PM clawing at legalities to defer the inevitable. The 24th of August, four long days later Australia waited in suspense, some angry some excited, but most critical of not only this current climate but that also of the last 10 years. Early in the afternoon the news broke; Scott Morrison had became Australia’s 30th prime Minister, not via a federal election, but through a party room power struggle!  The question here is who is, Who elected this man… not the people. Although we believe through the hand of providence the right man has taken office, this an undemocratic, risky, hit and miss effort of bringing stability to our nation. This has to change or we will be the laughing stock of the nations, if we are not already!

Lets hope and Pray the Government gets its act together and proves to the people that it can run the country  for the next 3 year term, which will be coming up soon, supposedly, there is a federal election early next year.

This lack of consistency  and predictability in our leaders has seriously impacted us as people.  Our leaders have lost credibility nationally as well as globally. We have two major political parties who tend to dominate elections, both parties appear to be consumed with self-interest under the guise of making Australia better, presenting the voter with a choice between mediocre and mediocrity!  What makes this whole scenario even more of a joke is that each political party has inhouse power struggles which eventually, negatively impacts the public as the struggles become tangible in the form of instability and policies’.

What does this new leadership bring?

According to NewsCorp the Australian public is quite divided in their support of Mr Morrison, however, comments on social media show a united Australia… an Australia united by feelings of disgust, hopelessness and outrage!  A public who find Australian politics to be a cruel joke.(1) Based on the 2018 Edelman trust barometer, Australia is one of the most untrusting nations. We don’t trust our government or institutions anymore(2). Australia is rated a country with extreme trust losses since 2017. We have had a drop of ten points in a year.  Globally, distrust in the government is 42%, however, it’s a whopping 56% downunder! To make things worse, Australian businesses are ranked as untrustworthy in 16 countries! These countries include USA, UK, Japan and Canada to mention a few.

As a nation we need to change for our own benefit. Now is the time to look away from the self serving dominant parties and start acknowledging the smaller upcoming parties that represent us and our concerns and inject stability and transparency into our political system. We need some principles that aren’t thrown out the window  in a power struggle fraught with duplicity and deceit, rules that apply all the time and every time. Rise up Australia Party (RUAP) believes that stability has to start in our leadership. Leaders that demonstrate solid ethics and stability will translate to trust and confidence within our society and will spill over into our institutions. RUAP believes that an elected prime minister should live out his/her term in Parliament unless voted out by the people (double dissolution) and  will endeavour to bring in legislations which will forbid anarchy against an elected Prime Minister such as witnessed in 2015 when Turnbull ousted Abbott. Or prior to that when Gillard ’back stabbed’ Rudd.

RUAP will Support and build relationships, so as to dissolve conflict & find solutions for the challenges that Leaders may face.

Rise up Australia Party commits to  supporting the Elected Prime Minister & his/her Party – voted in by the people. We will hold up and encourage their Governance – as stipulated in our policy.

In the light of Australia’s current political climate Rise Up Australia Party stands for solid, dependable, traditional, patriotic Christian conservative values. We will bring into the political arena that which we have committed to ….. That is to function as a social, economic and political antidepressant. To bring hope back into people’s lives, homes and community through uncompromising leadership, workable policy and dedicated candidates who are committed to the task.  Will we have your vote?



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Written by Yvonne Gentle and Adehlia Theron.

Posted on August 31, 2018 in Uncategorized

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