Which of these two parties is too white and too racist? – by Andrew Bolt

To The Age it is obvious

The Greens love diversity in theory:

Australia’s strength lies in the cultural diversity of people from all corners of the globe, the Australian Greens said today… Our country has been greatly enriched by successive generations of immigrants whose influences are reflected in every facet of society.

Not every facet, actually. Greens leader Christine Milne with Greens politicians and candidates in the Victorian election:


In contrast, Rise Up Australia leader Danny Nalliah with candidates in the Victorian election:


Age writer Ruby Hamad isn’t so sure about this diversity thing, after all:

Yes, it appears that Australia’s far right, ultra-nationalist, evangelical Christian, anti-abortion, and anti-immigration party has an extraordinary amount of gender and racial diversity. More so, as I noted someone comment dryly under the photo, than The Greens.

How is this possible?

Suddenly she’s abusing people from racial minorities as racists even when they embrace people of other “race”:

[A] little part of me dies every time I see someone from a racial minority willingly espouse racist ideologies. 

Suddenly she’s treating people from racial minorities as too brainless to think for themselves, and obviously the pawns of clever whites:

It’s a clever trick, getting non-white people to spout racist rhetoric…

And amazingly, she damns the multicultural Rise Up Australia – not the monoculturally white Greens – as too racist and too white, the colour of evil:

Whiteness is essentially those cultural beliefs, practices, norms and values that are sanctioned by white, western society.. Rise Up Australia is an example of how you can share in the bounty of white privilege even if you are not white, as long as you are willing to play by the rules. And one of these rules is to talk about race in a way that legitimises the dominance of white culture.

The Left’s real problem with Rise Up Australia? It isn’t as racist as ethnics are meant to be.

(Thanks to reader Baden.)

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Responses (4)

  1. Graeme
    December 12, 2014 at 8:35 am ·


    Here in ACT our Chief Minister resigned to nominate for the Senate Vacancy left by the resignation of Kate Lundy. Consequently the combination of ALP & Green vote elected Andrew Barr, a practicing homosexual as ACT’s Chief Minister. In his remarks on tonight’s news he thanked his Labor colleagues and his partner of 15 years and commented that he looked forward to the day when they could be legally married.

    Kind regards,


  2. Ku
    December 11, 2014 at 8:09 am ·

    Dear Liberal party,

    You have lost the State election. I voted for Liberal / RUAP as I believe Liberal is the best party to manage Australia economy both at state and federal levels, and RUAP has the best democratic and Godly policies.

    2. Let me give me a piece of my opinion. Please consider Godly values and preference the RUAP and other Christian parties.

    3. Don’t worry about upsetting the Muslims. You preference the Green and sex Party, support euthanasia, who In turn favour the Labour,. Have you not learnt a lesson?

    4. Labour will spend tax payers money to stop the contract for the East-West link. You lost the election for various reasons. You may return to power in 4 yrs time if you start re consider your preferences and policies.

    5. It is not too late for you to re consider preferences, so no other upper house seat will go to another party who will collaborate with labour to knock Liberal down totally.


  3. Barbara
    December 8, 2014 at 12:46 pm ·


    As I read all the reports from RUA and am blessed for their stand I can thank God that one day, RUA will enter Canberra and show them the real way.

    Recently on one of the emails was the release of Danny’s new book and I have lost that email with the name of the book on it.

    Could you please forward to me the book’ name and will it be sold in Koorong Book store. It will be very interesting and cant wait to buy one.

    Yours faithfully,

  4. Paul
    December 8, 2014 at 10:59 am ·

    Good one RUA, this should be spread far and wide.



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