Who or What is Islamophobic?

1:Churches Desecrated in Ongoing Attacks Across Europe 04-16-2019 Christian Ellis

And are we Islamophobic because we say no to Muslim immigration?

Referring to the burning down of Notre Dame … I read this statement below:

“Twitter and YouTube struggled to take down conspiracy theories being pushed by both anonymous accounts and verified white nationalists who spread Islamophobic theories about the disaster.”

Why is it only in Western nations that you would read such a comment as that?

Any real investigator worth his salary would naturally look to Islamic terrorism when:

➢ More churches have been attacked, ransacked and set fire to in France in peace time, in these last few years (of increased Islamic population) than there have been in the whole of the past century.

➢ In most other countries where Islam is 8% of the population or more, churches burn

➢ Muslims burn churches in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Somalia, Sudan, Lebanon, a host of African countries, and the list just escalates. So why  not France, and why not Notre Dame?

If Muslims were peaceful as they claim to be, and just got on with their lives in the Western countries that they live in, like Christians, Jews, Buddhist, Atheists and just about any other religion you can think of, there would be no such word as Islamophobic; there would be no reason to be phobic if they weren’t guilty of terrorist acts, would there? But the facts are around the world, that 90% of terrorist attacks come from Muslims. It has been said that most Muslims are peaceful! And that only about 10% of Muslims are involved in terrorism. I don’t doubt that! But is that supposed to be acceptable and make us feel that we can open our immigration doors to as many Muslims [including refugees] that want to come in?

If the number of Muslims involved in terrorist activities was only 5%, that means just 100 million of the world’s 2 billion Muslims would be terrorists and will be roaming the world in 2020. Since recent data gives Muslims as 25% of the world’s population already, we could expect to have 5 Muslim terrorists to every 400 people. This means the average suburban street of around 80-100 households housing around 300 – 400 people could have up to 5 terrorists living there. At the very least, to be conservative, there is the real possibility that in your neighbourhood there is at least one Muslim terrorist hanging out somewhere near you. I think, having done the math, that we have every right to be concerned about the growth of Islam and need to stop Islamic immigration into this country. With the real Muslim population in Australia being around 3% [780,000] there is a real possibility that 49,000 of them are potential terrorists. This being the case, we have every right to be Islamophobic. Don’t you think? 

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 My figures are conservative, please check below for more information.

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Written by Yvonne Gentle, National Secretary

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