Why should Rise Up Australia Party run a Candidate for the New England by-election?

The short answer is: We found a passionate, down to earth man in Donald Cranney, who is prepared to work hard to MAKE FARMING GREAT AGAIN in this country.

Donald, who owns two farming properties, recalls the days when his beloved homestead was the hive of activity. Today it remains empty and in need of repair, but he has neither the funds or the purpose to give it the attention it requires to bring it up to its former glory.

Donald, his wife Sue, his son Mark, and his family are farming a property on the QLD New England boarder. Donald chats with RUAP National Secretary Yvonne Gentle, on his farm in QLD. The electorate of New England can be seen on the other side of the river.

Donald Cranney points out to Yvonne where his electorate begins.

One of the highest costs in farming is the fencing and maintenance of property. Donald points to the fencing requirements necessary to keep vermin out of his property.

Donald on the road to his New England By-electorate.

Run-down buildings in a small town that once serviced a prosperous farming community, speaks volumes – no one has the will or the money to repair them now and for what?

Abandoned shops are becoming a familiar sight in rural communities.

Donald stands in front of a street of empty shops, only the Post Office remains.



Why we care about New England!!

Australian farmers have had a raw deal for many years. Increasing taxes, imposed levies, costly water rights and cheap poor-quality imports have reduced the likelihood of primary producers receiving fair prices for their ongoing endurance and hard work.

As result land owners are selling up because they can’t make a living; employment is diminishing in the agriculture industry as farmers opt to put their families to work; population is reduced which puts businesses out of work and closes schools, hospitals and other facilities. Once thriving towns and communities are dying as the rural dwellers move to the city leaving their once prospering farms with empty shells for houses,rundown, dry, and unproductive.

It is so heart wrenching for some, especially generational land owners, who are seemingly abandonment by the Government. Despair transfers to hopelessness. The debt becomes more than they can bear,which leads to suicides.

Rise Up Australia Party cannot accept this situation and strongly supports Government subsidies for farmers and the agricultural industry.  Our policies are, that we need to support those in our nation who feed and clothe us, provide employment and boost our economy. We believe that the good people who put the effort in should be the beneficiaries of their own hard work.

Our farming communities are the socio economic groups who have made Australia great and given our country a name for producing the finest and highest quality beef, lamb, wool, small crops, wine and citrus fruits, just  to name a few. Australian produce is renowned for its quality and is sort after around the world.

RUAP will endeavour to ensure that Australian Farming and Produce remains at a very high standard and that its communities prosper. We are committed to investing into our farmers and the vital agricultural industry.

Donald Cranney is the RUAP candidate for New England because he understands the seriousness of dying communities. He is a hard-working man of the land who has witnessed Australian farming prosper in prime agricultural times and desires to restore what has been lost.


If you can help Donald at Polling booths etc. Please call Mark on: Mobile 0413 161 830


Written by Yvonne Gentle

Rise Up Australia Party

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