Sandra Caddy

SandraCaddyHouse of Representatives Candidate for Bendigo, VIC

Sandra Caddy was born in 1959 into a working class family in Central Victoria.

Sandra describes her early life as family rich. She lived with her mother, father and older sister next door to her grandparents; a side gate joined the two properties.

Sandra commenced her nursing career in 1975 and continued nursing until the birth of her son in 1983. Sandra then worked part time in a wide variety of jobs such as child care, home care and personal care, retail, hospitality and cook until commencing full time studies in 1998.

Sandra studied, as a mature age student, at La Trobe University Bendigowhere she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree with History Honours. Sandra majored in politics, history and sociology. Her honours thesis investigated the factors which contributed to the failure of the (local) Franklinford Aboriginal Protectorate. As Sandra studied she grew to understand the literal struggle for survival of both the black and white alike in the early days of colonisation. In 2010 Sandra returned to study and completed a Graduate Diploma in Education focussing on ‘Middle Years’ students.

In 2001 Sandra was awarded membership into the ‘Golden Key International Honour Society’ for academic excellence. She also received, in December 2014, the  ‘Endeavour Forum ‘  Eagles award for community works.

Sandra has volunteered her services to many organisations over the years and is currently involved with the AFA, the NCC, and is an active campaigner for issues dear to her heart.

Sandra Caddy will be standing as a Rise Up Australia Party Candidate in this coming Federal Election for the Electorate of Bendigo.

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