Melanie Vassiliou

MelanieVassiliouHouse of Representatives Candidate for Chisholm, VIC

Melanie Vassiliou was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia and is married to Peter; together they have a beautiful daughter named Harmony.

Whilst studying VCE, Melanie worked part time in the Real Estate industry as an Agents Representative assisting at open for Inspections, auctions and administrative duties for a high profile company.   After finishing her  V.C.E. Melanie completed a Diploma in Beauty Therapy, obtaining a certification in 2009.

In 2008, at Age 19 Melanie was determined to become a role model for teenagers so she entered the Miss Teen Australia Beauty Pageant. She won Miss Teen Charity in the State Finals for Victoria and also went through to National Finals. This encouraged her public speaking skills and her ability to reach out to those in need. She continued working in the Real Estate and Beauty Industry, later being given a position at the Beauty Therapy College as a receptionist and administrative assistant. The experience she gained whilst working in these positions enabled Melanie to enhance her skills in administration, communication and in speaking to the public.

After some time Melanie resigned from her position and pursued volunteer work with her husband Peter Vassiliou. They both completed a ministerial course through a well-known International Christian organization. They then began working voluntarily on the Gold Coast for several months, working with families, helping the homeless, organizing events and motivating people.

Soon after returning to Melbourne Melanie began working for Rise Up Australia party in the capacity of media, advertising and as a Personnel Assistant to Daniel Nalliah; she embraced this new vocation with great enthusiasm. Over the years Melanie has had the privilege of travelling interstate; alongside her husband and Daniel Nalliah the National President of Rise up Australia party. During this time she engaged with the Australian people and many had conveyed their concerns for the need to have MPs that won’t compromise on protecting the future of Australia. Melanie also works as a volunteer for a Christian organisation, motivating and encouraging youth to reach their full potential in life.

Melanie says, “I am honored to be working and standing for a party that is not concerned about being ‘politically incorrect’  and I believe that we need more people in Government who are not afraid to say things as they really are. We say what we mean and mean what we say. Unfortunately most Australians have lost confidence in our current politicians because they don’t keep their word and commitments to the people”.  Melanie is also passionate about protecting and preserving Australian freedoms, culture, land, infrastructure and way of life for generations to come. She honours our forefathers for their sacrificial service, fighting for the liberties, currently in Australia and would like to see all our children and grandchildren enjoying the same freedoms and privileges that are in place in this great country. Melanie desires to excel in being a voice for the people of Chisholm. She sees the need for accountability in Parliament and would be honoured to be the one to implement that accountability.

Melanie Vassiliou ran in the Victorian State Election in 2014 and this 2016 Federal election will be the second time she has contested for the seat of Chisholm. Melanie is a highly motivated, inspiring young woman with great determination to serve the people of this nation, desiring honor ,Integrity and reliability to be foremost in our parliamentarians.

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