Nicholas Steel

NicholasSteelHouse of Representatives Candidate for Corangamite, VIC

Nick Steel was born in Melbourne in 1959, the middle child in a family of five. His mother arrived in Australia from Europe in the early 1950’s under the Displaced Persons Program, one of Australia’s earliest refugee programs.

He attended the University of Melbourne and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in 1980 and commenced a thirty year career as an Accountant, becoming a CPA in 2000. He worked in both private industry and the Government sector for a variety of entities including The Australian Tax Office, Telstra and Boeing. Much of that time was spent working on a contract basis.

His career came to an abrupt end in 2011 when he lost his position due to a corporate restructure. What followed was pivotal in forming his political consciousness. He applied for more than 400 positions in a two year period without obtaining a single interview, simply because he had passed the age of fifty. Attempts to communicate his concerns and suggest solutions to politicians from the major parties and the Greens were resolutely ignored. The experience also emphasized to him the absolutely crucial importance of a person being able to make a living and how this is scorned by establishment politicians by both their policies and conduct.

In 2012 he moved to Point Lonsdale and completed the Certificate III in Aged Care. This enabled him to obtain part time employment as a Disability Support Worker which he continues to this day. This new career has reminded him that there are always those less fortunate than himself.

Nick is strongly committed to Christian values, his favourite scripture being; “blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth”. Clearly this is not the favourite maxim of Australia’s political class.

He has previously stood for the Federal House of Representatives seat of Corangamite in Victoria as a candidate for another party in the 2013 election. That party was subsequently deregistered. He could not relinquish his political career as he felt so strongly about the damage being done to the nation by the political duopoly. He began to research other political parties and was particularly impressed by Rise Up Australia Party’s policies and joined in 2016.

Nick feels especially strongly about the damage being done to Australia, its economy and community by the continual reduction in tariffs on cheap imports.  Australia has obliterated its manufacturing and agricultural industries, has 5 million people on welfare, a shrinking tax base and almost $400 billion in Government debt. Nick is also alarmed at Australia’s high cost of living which he believes is the result of high immigration accompanied by insufficient release of land for new housing and more. Many people are losing their jobs and are faced with enormous living expenses. Asset seizure is also a concern.   The Tax Office and commercial banking urgently needs reform. Nicholas feels Democracy has been subverted.

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