Henry John Barnard

HenryBarnardHouse of Representatives Candidate for Hasluck, WA

Henry Barnard was born in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) in 1958. He had a farming career, which extended from 1980 to 2002, until the Zimbabwe government seized almost everything he owned including his farm.

In 2003 he left his country of birth with his family and migrated to Australia to start again.

Henry is married to Samantha and has three lovely children who live in Australia. All The children have reached a higher level of education and are all pursuing good prospective career options.

Henry is a hard working man; he started his vocation in Australia as an apprentice in order to obtain recognized qualifications. After much study and determination Henry is now a qualified electrician. In his current job, he travels extensively across Western Australia servicing from small to large clientele. He has witnessed, first hand, Australian companies buying inferior products from overseas, which were previously, and in some cases are still currently, being manufactured locally. “The often-inferior product requires immense maintenance and has caused unnecessary loss of jobs and expertise in the Australian workforce”, Henry Barnard declares.

Henry has a heart for the farmers and understands the challenges people face. He believes that he can make a difference, specifically in supporting investment, growth and development of the farming sector.

Australia has given his family the opportunity to start again, and because of this he is passionate and committed to do his part in Keeping Australia Great. He believes that Rise Up Australia Party has the interest of the nation at heart and have the foresight to recognize potential calamity, and present sensible strategic solutions to avoid such from taking place.

Henry Barnard is standing for Rise Up Australia Party in the electorate of Hasluck.

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