Marion Vale

MarionValeHouse of Representatives Candidate for Lalor, VIC

Marion Vale was born in country Victoria, the second child in a family of three children. She is a 4th generation Australian, with ancestors from Scotland and Great Britain, who pioneered parts of South Gippsland. Her father served in the 2nd world war and her mother was always a willing helper for others. Both parents were very hard working people.

Marion excelled in primary and secondary level education, particularly Maths and English. When she was 15 she left school to go to Melbourne to complete a secretarial course. After the course was completed she worked as a secretary for M L C Life Assurance Company, for 9 years, three of those years as a private secretary.

At 19 years Marion met her husband whom she married by the time she was 22; they have five wonderful children and ample grand children to keep their lives full and active. Marion and her husband have lived and been involved in the Lalor Electorate where their children were schooled for most of their married lives.

Although having a growing family with many commitments, Marion still managed to work for the Australian Services Organization for three years; was involved with school parents groups and was secretary for the Laverton Swimming Club for school children. She was a member of the Church leadership; involved with Women’s Counselling and Overseas Missionary Aid activities. Marion is also a keen traveller, having travelled overseas 3 times which includes visits to countries such as; the Philippines, China, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Jordan, Palestine and Israel. She has also travelled extensively throughout her beloved nation of Australia, having made many trips to QLD where members of her family live.

Her passion for Australia is to see a Federal Government that can govern with honesty, integrity and ingenuity that will bring to this great nation respect, family values, high standards in education; public transport; sports and the list goes on.

Marion Vale is standing as a Rise Up Australia Party Candidate in the Lalor Electorate because she believes this party has the answers needed for sound accountable government.

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