Alison Rowe

AlisonRoweHouse of Representatives Candidate for Stirling, WA

Alison Rowe was born in Norseman WA in the fifties and was adopted into a loving stable Australian family.  She fully understands the importance of an individual’s desire to know their parental background and heritage, and to recognize their identity.  She is a dedicated mother and has a happily married daughter, a beautiful granddaughter and a future grandson on the way.

At 16 she trained to become a Secretary at Underwood Business College. When she had finished this course  and returned to Norseman to work in a local bank and eventually transferred to Perth where she now resides.

Alison has had a varied career in administration having worked for banks, mining companies, oil exploration, hospitals, and not for profit organizations.  She is also a registered Civil Marriage Celebrant.

From early in her life Alison has worked as a volunteer and in this capacity has used her administration skills, acquired accounting knowledge and co-ordination expertise. She has worked with many people from various organizations that assist in helping the underprivileged, the homeless and those dealing with addictions – many of whom were in crisis.

Having gone through a broken marriage and single parenthood; supporting aging parents with major health issues; dealing with family members in additive substance crisis’, combined with her working career, Alison has acquired a wide range of life’s experiences to enable her to come alongside the local community and work with them on the issues that matter most. Alison does this with empathy and understanding.

Alison’s passion is not only to preserve the culture of Australia that has made it the great country that it is today, but also to give people from all walks of life the opportunity to continue to live freely in a democratic society, without fear, and to offer hope in the future for all Australians.  Alison is most happy serving the needs of others and defending the rights of those suffering injustice.

Alison Rowe is the Rise Up Australia Party Candidate for the Electorate of Stirling.

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