Lionel Henaway – Second Senate Candidate for Queensland.

Lionel grew up in the Ayr/Homehill area of North Queensland and is descended from the Birrigubba Juru Aboriginal people of that area. His ancestry includes the proud South Sea Islanders who came to this country to work in and establish the rich cane industry in North Queensland. Lionel treasures his Aboriginal and South Sea Islander heritage and has been able to apply understanding and knowledge of his heritage to bridge the gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Lionel has been employed in various Government positions, including 12 years of service in the police force for which he was given an award in recognition of his achievements while in the Service. Lionel’s professional career and personal life reflect his passion for an Australia that treasures positive race relations and an integrated and unified nation.

In a more personal direction Mr Henaway has been and continues to be involved in the establishment and progression of Christian churches. in North Queensland and in the Brisbane the area. His own parish consist of a broad representation of Indigenous, non-Indigenous..Australians,..and..Pacific..Islanders.

Lionel understands that the under-representation of Indigenous people in health, housing, employment & training is reflected in the Government initiative ‘Closing the Gap’ and requires more than what is currently in place, to bring Indigenous people up to the standards that the majority of Australians enjoy. His objectives in helping to create a better Australia includes, but are not limited to:

* The re-establishment of social structures within Indigenous societies * Creating more accountable and equitable communities by getting everyone involved. * Encouraging and promoting responsible leadership to emerge in all sectors of the … community * Exploring economic opportunities that unlock the potential for prosperity for all … people. * Building accord between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian.

Lionel Henaway has deep concerns for Australian society and believes that we are a multiethnic, not a multi-cultural society and as such we should display respect for all nationalities.

Lionel has decided to support Rise Up Australia Party in this election because they have a balanced approach toward AUSTRALIAN, ethnicity. “And they understand the first peoples of the nation; their historic stewardship of the land and how this can have influence on how Indigenous people choose to live”. Lionel states. Lionel believes their ‘God Given’ authority to contribute to this country through political representation, economic development and social interaction will be a pivotal step forward for the ones who will walk in those shoes’.

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