Paul Taylor

PaulTaylorFirst Senate Candidate for Queensland

Paul was born and educated in India. He spent most of his years growing up in the city of Bangalore where he went to a Private School; there he completed his education in 1977.
After finishing school he did a course in hospitality during the day, went to night school in the evening and from night school he went to work as a Senior Steward in a 3 star hotel. Looking for opportunity Paul decided to take some positive steps forward, and he moved to the UK where he lived for 2 and 1/2 years before migrating to Australia, the greatest country in the world, in 1985.

Soon after arriving in Australia he joined Coles Supermarkets as an Assistant Store Manager and 11 months later was appointed as a Store Manager. He then moved to the National Buying office as the nationwide Coordinator for Magazines for 4 divisions of the Coles Myer Group. Shortly following this he was appointed the First Category Buyer in the General Merchandise Division of Coles Supermarkets; he was soon controlling one of their largest dollar businesses. He excelled in this portfolio turning poor performing departments around in a very short period of time.

Paul moved to Brisbane in 1993 and married Wendy who was still studying and doing a doctorate. As time passed by the two of them increased and they are now the proud parents of two wonderful children.

Having a corporate background, Paul saw opportunity in the Memorial Industry, and started to import fully finished granite memorials from India. He was the first person in the history of Queensland to do so and do it successfully. His passion for excellence has enabled him to lead the industry in product and design and market domination.

Paul Taylor’s love for this Great Nation is what has propelled his interest in politics. Concerned by the serious threat that Islam poses to this country he joined one of the major political parties and nominated to stand in the last Federal Election for the lower house. Paul’s endeavours to expose the dangers of Radical Islam became political suicide and he smartly resigned from that party, and not long after connected with RUAP who shared his concern for this Great South Land of Australia. “To be tolerant of intolerance is fear”, Paul says; “protecting this great nation from Islam is not-negotiable”. Paul believes strongly, it is a Stone Age ideology cloaked in doctrines of hate that must be exposed and opposed. “I am honoured to be counted as a defender of this nation and its unique Culture, Heritage and Judeo Christian Values. We must be watchful; Europe is paying that price right now as the consequences of decades of weak leadership are unravelling before our very eyes”.

“I am honoured”, says Paul, “that Rise Up Australia Party has chosen me to be their lead candidate for the Senate.

It is NOT about me, it is NOT about you, it is about the prospects of OUR children and their children, our future generations. For our children to lose their heritage, lifestyle and peace of mind to live in the freedom our fathers fought for- is too high of a price to pay”.

It is this passion and love for Australia that compels him to fight for what is right and honourable for all Australians and stand for the Senate in Queensland.

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